Q: Did the IAF Multi Finance it?
A: IAF Multi Finance is a company / non-bank financial institutions engaged in financing vehicles, machinery and heavy equipment.

Q: What are the advantages of buying a car on credit than buying a car in cash?
A: By purchasing a vehicle on credit, you can allocate your funds for other needs. Besides all-time credit, you can enjoy our other facilities, such as vehicle registration renewal service, insurance and others.

Q: How long does it take to process an application?
A: The application process approximately 3 to 5 days. The process after filling the application for financing, then the consumer will be in the survey to the home and office, the consumer will be analyzed further request, if approved, consumers would Calling to confirm delivery.

Q: What about interest rates?

A: Interest rates are extremely competitive.

Q: Are there any costs?

A: The expenses must be paid by the consumer depends on the facilities proposed financing. Generally the additional costs which must be drawn is the cost of insurance and administration.

Q: What about the installment period?
A: We adjust the installment period with the ability of consumers depending on the type of financing. Tersediapun installment period ranging from 12 months to 48 months.

Q: What Vehicles can be financed by the IAF Multi Finance?
A: IAF Multi Finance is a finance company official for a new Isuzu vehicles, heavy equipment and vehicles used the various Hitachi brand is commonly known.

Q: How do I get a detailed estimate of the number of installments fast?

A: You can visit our Marketing Officer stationed at several delaer or directly to our branch offices. You can also perform simulations on the menu at Calculator

Q: What are the benefits I get with my vehicle insured?
A: You will be able to file a claim or get compensation if your vehicle accident / loss.

Q: Could use an insurance company outside the IAF Multi Finance partner?
A: I can not, must use the insurance partners, among others: ABDA, Adira Dynamics, Jasindo, Simas, Astra Buana, Mercury.

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