Choosing The Right Path Of Go
13 Aug 2012

Choosing the right route will determine the travel time. Especially the day of Eid al-Fitr approaching when the condition is identical to the route of congestion. For travelers who use private cars, there are some things to consider when choosing the route to travel back and forth more secure and comfortable.

A. Stay tuned as information will depart and during the trip, using the Internet, telephone, police hotline, friends or relatives who had already traveled back and forth. Gather as much information in order to determine the condition of paths to be traversed.

2. Prepare a map or GPS, to determine the current position and the position being taken. Utilizing a map or GPS allows drivers to understand the pathways that may be taken, to avoid from getting lost or stray far from the main route to be traversed, and walk through an alternative route when the main line traffic jam.

3. Get to know the condition of the track will be skipped. This is important because sooner or later be able to determine the travel time. In addition, it can be to anticipate the situation during the trip, such as accident-prone pathway, many slopes, holes, or if any road improvements.

4. Choose an alternative path based on reliable information. Do not take an alternative route that has never skipped or without any recommendations from colleagues, relatives or the media. If you’ve already lost and disoriented, do not hesitate to ask the locals or the police on duty.

5. Use the route of which many are heading or workshop mode. When many agents widths licensee (APM), which provides 24-hour postal facilities and workshop stand to serve its customers. Which are widely available through the post and workshops facilitate travelers alert if a vehicle is used having problems. Heading standby can also be used to simply unwind after a long journey.

As a form of concern for the customers who will travel back and forth, ahead of Eid this year Astra Automotive Group heading back to prepare a 24-hour standby and the standby service station along the route of Java to Bali. Post Alert Astra nine Rest Area is located at Km. 57 Tol Jakarta-Cikampek, Cisarua Peak, Rest Area Km. Jakarta-Merak toll 45, Nagrek, Rest Area Toll 226A Km Palikanci Cirebon, Alas Roban, dead-end, Caruban, and Tabanan Bali. For complete information on the Postal Alert and Shop Alert Astra, please contact CALL AstraWorld (area code) 500 898.



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