Adjust The Payload With A Capacity Of Car While Mudik
06 Aug 2012
Go to your hometown is a pivotal moment for most people who celebrate Lebaran. Private cars became one of the alternatives for home mudik. The reason, driving privately owned quite practical to use, it could contain a lot of people and goods.
Car charge capacity is very decisive driving comfort and safety during the journey home town. Keep in mind that each car type has a maximum payload. So it is recommended not to exceed the payload capacity of the car because it can cause a negative effect when the load is too much car, here are some of them:
1. increased braking Distance away. If the car charge too much, antisipasilah by keeping a safe distance to the car ahead. Don’t get too close to the car in front to avoid a collision.
2. the car will be floated at a high speed. It is certainly dangerous in the steering control. Limit the maximum speed of the vehicle, for instance by keeping speeds below 100 km/h.
3. the car feels limp when the bend (body roll). If driving a car full of charged, when cornering should really pay attention to the speed in order not to crash. Especially when we put stuff on the roof of the car will be more and reduce the ability to maneuver the car.
4. slow Acceleration. The heavy load of a car then load the engine will increase, and the effect is accelerated to be reduced. Therefore be patient and should willingly if another car disalip car.
5. increase the load on the tires. When an excess charge, burden earned tire will increase. For the cars that are charged a lot, make sure tires are still good condition. Don’t push enter all the stuff in the car when the car tires were thin, because the risk of rupture tires are very likely to occur.
6. suspension of extra work. In addition to tires that sustain heavy loads due to excess charge, the suspension also extra work especially when cornering, braked, or when the tire through the hole.
Notice the charge your vehicle, go to your safe and comfortable treasure, to survive until the goal.
Source: AstraWorld

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