Credit Terms
Credit Terms


Proof of Identification:


  1.      ID card / Driving License / Passport / KIMS / Permits
  2.      Family Card (KK)
  3.      Or TIN Certificate when still in the administration

Proof of Home Ownership:


  1.      The UN last 1 year or
  2.      Certificate of House or
  3.      Buy or Sell receipt
  4.      Grant Deed or
  5.      Credit Agreement with Bank


Proof of Home Placement:


  1.      Electricity accounts last 3 months or
  2.      Telephone accounts last 3 months or
  3.      Account taps the last 3 months or
  4.      SK Home Office (if the home office)
  5.      photo of House
  6.      Evidence of a house contract (if the house contract)

Proof of Income:


  1.      Last Salary Slip or
  2.      Certificate of Income
  3.      Employee card
  4.      Savings Account / Statement last 3 months or
  5.      Bon-Bon Enterprises
  6.      Letter of Agreement / Contract Work
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Credit Terms

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